Student Engagement


参加课外活动可以帮助学生培养自信心, 领导能力和社交技能,这将有助于他们未来的生活. Being involved in campus life outside the classroom is a great way to meet new people and experience the diversity of community living. The Office of Student Engagement sponsors opportunities for students to interact with other students and staff seven days a week during the semester. 学生可以参加一些俱乐部和组织. Students also have a collective voice within the college governance system through an elected Student Government Association (SGA). The purpose of SGA is to promote cooperation both within the student body and among students, faculty and administration, 并作为学生表达和解决问题的渠道.

Activities on Campus

学生参与办公室计划了一系列广泛的活动, including bands, DJs and comedians, speakers, pool tournaments, open mike nights, games, inter-residence hall contests, movies and trips off-campus. 大部分的节目都是由学生的建议发起的, and anyone with an idea for an activity is welcome to contact the Student Engagement Office.

Student Government

学生会是学生的管理机构.  The board is comprised of President, Vice President, Secretary, Treasurer, Senior Class President, Junior Class President, Sophomore Class President, and Freshman Class President.

2020-2021 Officers

2019-2020 Officers

2018-2019 Officers

2017-2018 Officers

2016-2017 Officers

Candidate Election Packet

Student Government Constitution and By-Laws

Student Government Constitution 2018

Current Student Government By-Laws




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Student Engagement

Joan Weill Student Center Room 007
Hours: M- F, 10 a.m.-5 p.m.

(518) 327-6401

Jill Susice, Coordinator of Student Engagement

Clubs & Organizations

大多数学科都为他们的学生赞助俱乐部, which coordinate field trips to job sites and conferences and engage in other career-related activities. Such clubs as the DECA and the Society of American Foresters are an excellent way for students to make job contacts and gain additional experience in their chosen fields.  There are many interest related clubs and organizations for students to get involved in ranging from Gaming and Anime Club to Beekeeping Club to Rugby!  All students are welcome to join clubs at any time!

At the beginning of each semester, there is a club fair for students to find out about what clubs there are and how to join!

Adirondack Mycology Club

Coming Soon!



American Fisheries Club

New Club in the process of forming! Check back for more information!


Beekeeping Club

The 宝盈bbin官方登录 Beekeeping Association is dedicated to educating the Paul Smith’s community about honey bees and the practice of keeping bees. We aspire to have a apiary at the 宝盈bbin官方登录 VIC and pair with VIC employees to hold informal educational opportunities. 最终宝盈bbin官方登录想在宝盈bbin官方登录 VIC商店和学院书店出售蜂蜜.

Birding Club

New Club. Information to come!

Disc Golf Club

New Club in the process of forming! Check back for more information!


Draft Horse Club

The Draft Horse Club provides volunteer-based community service and fundraisers in forms of wagon rides, sleigh rides, logging demonstrations, 以及为宝盈bbin官方网站的学生和社区成员举办的教育研讨会. We maintain a safe educational environment for the college’s horses and students through regular maintenance and care. The Club works to raise awareness of the personal, 与驮马一起工作的环境和经济效益. 宝盈bbin官方登录培育一个没有种族偏见的包容性社区, religion, gender expression, age, national origin (ancestry), disability, marital status, sexual orientation, 或在其任何活动或行动中的军事地位. ​

Draft Horse Club Constitution


FFA Club

More information to come!

First Nations Club

New Club!!!

Fish and Game Club

The goal of the 宝盈bbin官方登录’s Fish and Game Club is to promote the importance of sportsmanlike conduct within a learning environment. 宝盈bbin官方登录将高度重视狩猎安全和合乎道德的捕鱼做法. Likewise the club will strive to bring in members with little to no experience in the field in the effort to educate them to the sports. As that 宝盈bbin官方登录 is a center of the environmental education, 俱乐部还将提高环保意识和对社区的责任. 欢迎有各种狩猎或钓鱼经验的会员参加!


Forestry Club

这个俱乐部吸引了各个学科的学生. It sponsors a wide range of social activities, and is involved in many projects around campus and many are involved in the woodsmen’s team.

Gaming and Anime Club

动漫和游戏俱乐部旨在探索和享受游戏和动漫文化. This club participates in video, table top, card, and board gaming, setting up numerous tournaments around campus and holding open events to all participants. 他们也有多个动漫和电影马拉松对校园开放, and seeks to boost campus interest in such activities. Please sign up for our club’s email and attend our club meetings where we will hold demonstrations of games and be screening anime for any who are interested, 同时分享即将在校园举行的活动! This club is all fun and games!

Anime and Gaming Club Constitution

Intervarsity Christian Fellowship

教派间的基督教团契,每周提供圣经学习, 教会郊游和服务的机会,不仅是宝盈bbin官方网站校园, but also the surrounding community.



Lady Bobcats Rugby Club

The club was started in the fall of 2015. It is a group of hard-working, dedicated women, 谁花了几个月的时间练习和学习这项运动. The team is made up of women from different backgrounds, majors, athletic abilities, and skill sets. 队里的许多女士以前从未参加过这项运动. They participate in spring tournaments and will be playing in the regular fall season games as well. 他们一直在招聘,所以加入的最佳时间是任何时候. No one is ever turned away. 这是了解橄榄球是否适合你的最好方法, is to come to a practice, meet the players and coaches, and mess around in a scrum.


Osgood Pond Club

Description Coming Soon!


Psychology Club

New this year!


Psychology club Constitution

宝盈bbin官方登录 Pride

宝盈bbin官方登录 Pride aims to create more advocates for diversity on campus and will represent the campus as social justice activists. Pride members will continue to strive for inclusivity, understanding, acceptance, and pride on Paul Smith’s College campus.



Rugby (Men’s)

团队合作、正直和忠诚是这个俱乐部的基础. Our students get together to play, 在保罗·史密斯学校玩得开心,提倡体育精神和竞技精神.



Ruffled Grouse Society

New Club!!! More information to come!



Society of American Foresters



Society of Ecological Restoration

New this year!


Student Engagement Board

Want to be involved in the events on campus? Then join this club!! This group is responsible for the planning and implementation of events on campus such as bands, comedians, special events and movies. 这个组织与学生活动办公室一起工作. All are welcome to join!

Veteran’s Club

This club provides support to the Veteran’s at 宝盈bbin官方登录. They also do many community service projects for the local community as well as for our military oversees.


Wildlife Society

野生动物协会是国家野生动物协会的学生分支. The Wildlife Society has planned several events and activities which include providing members with peer and professional networking opportunities.



2023 Family Homecoming Weekend Information

2023 Schedule of Events

Family Homecoming Weekend 2023 Schedule

截至23年9月14日的时间表-这是一个暂定的活动时间表.  Final Schedule will be available at check-in!

请注意:可能会增加/更改/调整一些活动. 如有更改,请与报名表核对.

Friday, September 22nd

9am-4pm…The Pack Basket open, JWSC- downstairs

9am-5pm…Visitors Interpretive Center open (VIC), Trails open from Dawn to Dusk– Entrance is approx. 1 1/2 miles from 宝盈bbin官方登录 on Rt. 30

中午12点到晚上10点……玉米迷宫之旅,塔克斯农场(如果你是宝盈bbin官方登录会员,可以打折。! Tour the corn maze after dark– bring your own flashlight) Bonfire with S’mores after dark. Enter corn maize before 9pm. They take cash only.

3pm-6pm…Registration, Student Center Lobby

4:30pm-6pm…Dinner, 湖畔餐厅(门票可在门口购买, 宝盈bbin官方登录 students with meal plan are free)

5pm- Women’s Soccer vs. ACPHS, Soccer Field.


下午6点-家长欢迎/招待会,烘焙部制作甜点. St. Regis. Meet with 宝盈bbin官方登录 Senior Cabinet.


7pm- Men’s Soccer vs. ACPHS…Soccer Field

Saturday, September 23rd

上午8点,全国举办10公里和/或半程马拉松,欢迎所有人参加!  Junctions of SR 86 & 30.  参赛者将沿86号高速公路向东走到琼斯塘路,并将这条路一直走到终点, turning left onto the Rainbow Lake Road.  The 10K runners will see their finish about 2 miles beyond the Rainbow Lake Post Office.  1英里的标志将在高速公路上用白色油漆清晰可见.  The half marathon runners continue, and turn right onto the Oregon Plains Road, taking this into Bloomingdale, 纽约在市中心的4路交叉路口结束.

9am-11am…Breakfast, Lakeside Dining Hall, (可现场购票,psc学生免费用餐).

9am-11am…Registration, JWSC Lobby.

9am-8:30pm…Visitors Interpretive Center open (VIC), Trails open from Dawn to Dusk– Entrance is approx. 1 1/2 miles from 宝盈bbin官方登录 on Rt. 30


10am-12:30pm…Mushroom Foray at the VIC. Pre-registration is required.  Cost is $7.50-$15. to register.



11am-1pm…Wagon Rides with the Draft Horses. Meet in front of the Student Center. Sponsored by the Draft Horse Club!

11am-1:30pm…Brunch, Lakeside Dining Hall, (Tickets may be purchased at door, 宝盈bbin官方登录 students with meal plan are free!).

11am-….Women’s Volleyball tournament, All day. Gym


下午12点至7点-在萨拉纳克湖的罗马诺打保龄球-常规保龄球, 宝盈bbin官方登录 Students will be free with student id. Sponsored by Student Engagement.  There will be prizes for the top 3 bowlers that day!!

中午12点到晚上10点…玉米迷宫之旅,塔克农场(提到你是宝盈bbin官方登录的人,可以打折!)天黑后游览玉米迷宫——带上自己的手电筒! Bonfire with s’mores after dark. Please enter before 9pm. They take cash only.

1pm-3pm…Guided Canoe Paddle at the VIC, $15-$25. Go to to register. Pre-registration is required.

下午1:30 -2:30,在JWSC松树厅与宝盈bbin官方登录高层领导团队进行开放论坛. 来见见高级领导团队,有什么问题可以提出来.

3pm…Cornhole Tournament on the Great Lawn. Rain location will be in the JWSC Pine Room.

4pm-…Women’s Soccer vs. B&S Albany, Soccer Field

4:30pm-6pm…Dinner (tickets may be purchased at Lakeside Dining Hall or go on-your-own to town).

6pm…Casino Night, St. Regis Café

下午7点至8点30分,在VIC举办爵士音乐会“the Circular Jazz Trio”,由Frank M. Hutchins Lodge, VIC, FREE!!!!

7pm-10pm…Cosmic Bowling at Romanos in Saranac Lake…宝盈bbin官方登录 Students will be free with student id. Sponsored by Student Engagement.


Sunday, September 24th

9:00am-11am…Breakfast, 湖畔食堂(门票可在门口购买, 宝盈bbin官方登录 students with meal plan are free).

9am-5pm…Visitors Interpretive Center open (VIC) , Trails open from Dawn to Dusk– Entrance is approx. 1 1/2 miles from 宝盈bbin官方登录 on Rt. 30

11am-1:30pm…Brunch, Lakeside Dining Hall (tickets may be purchased at door– students with meal plan are free).


12pm- Men’s Soccer vs. SUNY ESF, Soccer Field

1pm-Dusk…Corn Maze Tours, Tucker Farms.  (mention you are a 宝盈bbin官方登录 person for a discount!)天黑后游览玉米迷宫——带上自己的手电筒! Bonfire with s’mores after dark. Please enter before 9pm. They take cash only.

1pm-3pm…Guided Canoe Paddle at the VIC, $15-$25. Go to to register. Pre-registration is required.




Saturday- Adirondack Museum

Saturday- Keys to the Castle Roller Ski Race, Mt. Van Hoevenberg, Lake Placid, Participate or cheer participants on!!!

Saturday & Sunday– Harvest Fest and Civil War Living History at the Almanzo Wilder Farm Festival, Burke, NY,

白面山-看看山上的活动-乘坐缆车, Veteran’s Memorial Highway, etc. go to for more information!

Experience Outdoors-, ziplines, etc. Outside Lake Placid.

The Wild Center, Tupper Lake-

Lake Placid Legacy Sites-



Letter to Parents

Dear Family Member,


Family Weekend is fast approaching and I would like to extend a personal invitation to attend on September 22nd-24, 2023. There are wonderful things happening at 宝盈bbin官方登录, and we are excited for you to come and find out what a day in the life of your student is all about. 对于你们中的许多人来说,这将是你们的第一个家庭周末. This is an opportunity to visit with your student and spend time with them in their new environment. Therefore, all events and activities are optional, and you can pick and choose what you want to do! 🙂为了这个激动人心的周末,宝盈bbin官方登录在校园和VIC计划了很多活动, 但你也可以利用该地区正在发生的机会.

****Please note that the schedule is TENTATIVE. 注册时将有最终的时间表.


You may have a meal in the Lakeside Dining Hall or you may choose to have a meal at one of the restaurants in either Saranac Lake or Lake Placid (reservations are recommended).

We are also having a cookie contest!!! You may compete in the cookie contest by bringing your own cookies and we will have it judged here by the students.  Prizes will be awarded! 如果你想和别人分享,也带上你的食谱!  Just drop everything off at registration. 请务必注明您的姓名和手机号码. 

 If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact me at (518) 327-6401 or email me at 宝盈bbin官方登录期待着与你们每一位见面!



Jill Susice


Coordinator of Student Engagement